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Looking for a Voiceover Coach that works with you, one-on-one, on every aspect of your VO business?

Someone who has been where you are, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional trying to market yourself and your VO business effectively?

The VO X-Class was designed by Voiceover Talent Angel Burch as a way for new voice talent to learn the techniques needed to become a working voice actor, as well as for veteran talent to learn ways to market themselves more effectively.

Stop relying on P2P’s and fandubs to propel you into a career that takes skilled coaching and targeted marketing to be effective!  Join the VO X-Class for the Voiceover career you want!

Is the X-Class right for you?

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The VO Basics Classes are perfect for you!  First is  One-on-One Coaching of the Basic Techniques of Voiceover. The foundation of your career.  Here is what you will learn in the VO Basics: Techniques of Voiceover class:

  • How to get the best read by breaking down a script
  • Getting into the right mindset
  • What to look for in order to read a script properly
  • Learn about different genres of voice over and what to look for to identify them. 
  • Learn to read in several different genres while choosing your signature sound. 

Then VO Basics: Auditioning & Marketing class will teach you:

  • How to audition
  • What a directed session is
  • How to get clients after you finish the class
  • Learn when and how get a demo made

All these questions are answered with One-on-One Coaching.

Here are the Classes for VO Basics

One-on-One Sessions require a 6 or 8 session commitment, and can be paid by session, or in full.

VO Basics: Auditioning, and Marketing

Bi-Weekly One-on-One Session for 60 minutes – $150 per session (additional 8 session commitment needed)

To sign up for any or all of the One-on-One Coaching Session Packages, just email a request to Angel@VOXClass.com and let her know you are interested.

You will be granted a 30-minute phone consultation COMPLETELY FREE

The One-on-One Coaching of the VO Basics is perfect for you!  You may not need to take the whole 15 sessions of this class. You simply need help to break old habits and learn better habits to help you succeed.  

One-on-One Coaching is $150 per 60 minute session.

To sign up for any or all of the One-on-One Coaching Session Packages, just email a request to Angel@VOXClass.com and let her know you are interested.  You will be granted a 30 minute phone consultation

Having a professionally produced Voice Demo is imperative in the professional voiceover market. Not only will it help you to generate clientele, but it will also get an agent (when the time comes for that)! 

At the end of the two sessions, if she feels you are demo ready, Angel will set up a consultation with The Demo Wizard, or the Demo Producer of your choice.

  If you are not demo ready, don’t feel bad.  You probably just need a bit more practice and coaching to get you there.  We will help you with that too!

Just email Angel at Angel@VOXClass.com with the subject line Demo Prep. and she will set up a time to talk one-on-one for free.

Then VO X-Class Business and Marketing  is PERFECT for you!

This Extreme Business and Marketing Class is intensive, meeting weekly for 1-hour, as well as having access to Angel and our Expert Strategic Marketer, Terry, Monday through Saturday! Nobody else in the industry offers such a hands-on class to get you set-up in your business and marketing the right way, so you can both get clients and keep them!

In the X-Class you will learn:

  • How to set up your Voiceover business. 
  • Goal setting 
  • Effective communication
  • Choosing a domain name and branding
  • Bookkeeping for freelancers
  • 5 Ways to Market including our Trademarked 4-Day Marketing Plan
  • Getting and keeping clients for the long term!

Next: the X-Class is all about Extreme Marketing! 

What do you need before you start marketing?  How do you qualify clients to make sure you are marketing to the right people? Where are the qualified leads and how do I get them to send me auditions?  All of these questions are answered in this in-depth class. 

Not only do you get the value of Angel’s 30 years in the Entertainment Business, but you also get access and teaching from her husband Terry, who has been a successful entrepreneur and businessman for over 25 years!  As an expert in Strategic Marketing, Terry will teach you how to make yourself valuable to potential clients and find that marketing sweet spot catered just for you!

This class is not for the faint of heart!  Each week you will meet with your coach for a 1-hour session.  During that session you will be given the information and tools to go out and put into practice what you are learning. 

Then, if you have any challenges, questions, victories or just need some down-to-earth motivation, you are free to post in our PRIVATE Facebook Forum and share with peers who either have been through or are going through the X-Class.

In addition to the forum, Angel is available to you DAILY from 10am to 7pm Eastern Time (excluding Sunday) for texting, email, phone calls and even a quick Zoom session if need be.

There is a 2-month commitment needed to take this class!  That is 2 months of access, and weekly meetings and updates to get you on-track and staying on-track in your career.  Students who take this class are getting AUDITIONS the very first week!  

Time to invest in yourself and change your career.

CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Spaces are limited, so email info@VOXClass.com today for an Invitation to the very successful X-Class Marketing Course Today!

For $150 a week, the cost of the X-Class includes everything mentioned above as well as a secret peer group on Facebook where you can interact with other Voice Talent who have already taken or are in the midst of taking the class. 

X-Class can be paid weekly, monthly or in-full.

Stop relying on P2P’s and fandubs to propel you into a career that takes skilled coaching and targeted marketing to be effective!  Join the VO X-Class for he Voiceover career you want!

What Others are Saying about the VO X-Class

Kayla Jackson

Kayla took One-on-One Coaching as well as the X-Class. After only 1 week,emails started coming in to add her to qualified rosters as well auditions and request for quotes! She is excited about the possibilities in her new career as a Professional Voice Over Talent. The video below is in her words

Play Video

Phil Song

Phil Also took One-on-One Coaching with Angel and although he was getting work, it wasn't enough to go full-time. That's when he decided to take the X-Class.
"Angel Burch has helped me develop my voice over style and marketing plan. Thanks to her, I have started reaching Professional Clients and am being put on Rosters! Angel is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way! I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone looking to get into a PRO VO Career!

Adam Bulock

Adam was invited to take Angel's One-on-One Coaching at the request of Hollywood Director Everett Oliver. ..
"If you need an AMAZING voice over coach to help you go from "alright" to "INCREDIBLE" then please email my coach Angel Burch. She not only gets you to break those bad habits that aren't making you successful in voice over but also treats you like family. She's a tough cookie with a heart of gold ♥️. Best investment in voice-over! Just saying"


Will you be the next success story on this web page? Every thing you have read here is true, people are getting results in the very first week of the X-Class.
Careers are being made and businesses are becoming successful. That means there are a few more entrepreneurs today than yesterday. And let's face it, there are a few better voice overs being produced!
What are you waiting for? Info@VOXClass.com


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