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Demos Are A Work of Art

Demos Should Reflect Who You Are as a VO Talent

Every voice talent is unique. Therefore, every demo that is produced also needs to be unique. Cookie-cutter demos aren’t going to get you noticed in today’s Voiceover market— You will get a demo that is both technically stellar and that will showcase your best attributes to potential clients, agents and casting directors. They want Excellence! You will get nothing less with The Demo Wizard. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ!

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Demos Should be Fun

If your demo doesn’t make people smile when they listen to it, they won’t continue listening.  The production should be innovative and fun, with a twist, and professionally produced by a top Demo Producer. No matter what genre of demo you need– Commercial, E-Learning, Animation and Character, Video Game, Documentary Narration, Promo, or any other genre– you need your demo to be relevant to the market, while putting a smile on the face of every listener.
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The Demo Wizard partners hand-in-hand with the amazing team at the VO X-Class if you need Coaching or Demo Prep. From voiceover techniques, to Business and Marketing, as well as demo prep, scriptwriting, demo mapping and coordination, your coaching needs a can be taken care of by professionals who have a combined experience of over 45 years in the voiceover and production industries. X-Class is not a ‘Demo Mill’, they are professional coaches and voice talent who know what it takes to get ahead in this business.

Wow, So Clear

Compared to other demos I’ve heard, my new commercial demo is so much more clear! The Voice and the Music are layered like a yummy cake that makes you want to eat it up! 

Colorful Headphones

Custom Music, YES

My Video Game Demo is A-MAZING! The Demo Wizard produced Custom Music for the background so my demo doesn’t sound like any one else’s.  I can’t believe that is me! I’m blown away!

walking the studio

Booked Already

I got my demo back and within a week I booked with a major client! They even complimented me on my narration demo saying it wasn’t over produced like a lot of demos they hear.

It's Your turn now

Fill out the Demo Questionnaire telling us  the type of demo you need, and how to get in contact with you and we will be in touch to set up your consultation with Tim right away. Your demo will be customized to you, and you will only be charged for what you agree to. There will be no added production charges that haven’t been discussed and agreed to first.