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It all started with a guitar 25 years ago. That Christmas present sparked the questions: How do musicians and singers get on the radio? What makes them sound so polished? I got the answer in 2006 when I Studied and procured my Associates Degree in Audio Engineering in Houston, Tx.
My passion for all things audio grew exponentially as I studied, winning awards, and soon was recognized as a rare talent with the ability to hear sound in layers and the ability to manipulate subtle tones to enhance the audio — taking it to places that thrilled  listeners senses. 
Today, I have expanded my audio wizardry into creating Voice Over Demos. Since there is almost no instrument I can’t play, I am  able to pepper talents’ demos with custom music and sounds that are not found any where else on the web.  Currently along with making people sound good, I also teach Audio Engineering at Houston Community College, where I has been doing so for the last 9 years.

My Process

Audio is an element worth experimenting with

good to know.

Audio is a cold mistress.  Just when you think you have it figured out and working perfectly, something changes…it can seem your hard work was all in vain.

My years of studying and teaching have conditioned me to dance with Audio in perfect rhythm to attain the results I desire.

Work Experience.

I have hung cables from 30 feet in the air, walked beams from just as high, stood on large stages as low as I can to hear monitor frequencies, sat at complicated sound boards for hours to find one anomaly that doesn’t belong, directed choirs, singers, and instrumentalists in the booth. And I have worked with Voice Actors from Anime to Commercial making their sound glide across the spectrum of film in a delicate marriage with media.


I am particular about my work space. I have a computer powerful enough to handle the massive space the software and files of Audio require.

My plugins are designed by top industries professionals from Protools, Waves, Izotope and more.  The process of creating Audio starts with your equipment, so I make sure mine is some of the best offered in the industry.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


sound Design

I started my career building studios. Large and small spaces that were never meant to contain a pristine, clean, noise free sound.  I came to understand sound, how it moves, how it envelops the space, and how it escapes. I can help VO Talent with booth Challenges.


VO Demo Production

Every voice is unique. Every person’s mouth moves differently. Every VoiceOver Demo requires the ability to hear that movement and enhance those subtle qualities that move the listener, while diminishing those that don’t.  I am fine tuned to those movements. Adjusting mic technique can make a tremendous improvement in sound.


Custom Music

Early on when I was shown  how an instrument was played, I could pick up that instrument and play it as if I trained for years. I don’t just hear music. It is a part of my very being. There are many tools to express it, and each Demo I produce has unique musical enhancements that you won’t find with other Demo Producers.  Some even have custom music created specifically for them.

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I am a Gamer.

One of my favorite pass-times is playing Video Games. Not just for the thrill of the game – but for the challenge of facing odds that are never in my favor. Some favorites are: Metal Gear Solid, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Project Cars, and Chrono Trigger!


Although my first priority is Audio Engineering, I also own a business with my wife called Shirt Dots. I have been a graphic designer on the side for years, so I design the pins and stickers she sells in her Esty Shop.  My passion though is anything Audio.


After studying Audio Engineering at Houston Community College and winning awards for my efforts, they asked me to teach there.  I have taught everything from the fundamentals of audio, to popular audio culture, to ProTools.  I’ve been teaching for 9 yrs.


They mean everything to me. My wife of 10 years is not only my best friend, but my business partner and mother to our beautiful daughter.

The WizKid is 6 going on 20, with a brain that scares most adults LOL. Her intelligence catches me by surprise sometimes and I find myself having conversations with her I don’t have with most adults.

Let's Have Fun.

Houston, TX

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