The VO Demo Wizard's F.A.Q

  1. What Genres of Voice Over do you produce Demo's for?

Commercial, e-Learning, Medical e-Learning, Tech e-Learning, Character/Animation, Video Games, and Documentary

4. Can I bring in my own Demo Director?

YES! If you have a coach or demo director you feel comfortable with by all means we welcome them into the process! On the other hand, if you need a seasoned director for your Demo, we can provide one for a small fee.

2. Do I have to get coaching from VO X-Class before making a Demo with The Demo Wizard?

NO! Although coaching with a reputable coach is required before recording your first Commercial Demo, you do not have to sign up for coaching with VO X-Class. 

5. Will my Demo sound like any one elses' Demo?

NO! Each Demo is produced with scripts written specifically for you and nobody else. Character and Animation Demos also have custom music written for them. Other demos can have custom music for an added fee; however it isn’t necessary. The music and sound effects for each demo are taken from the producers library of sound that has been gathered over many years of working in the industry. The chances of any of your music sounding the same as someone elses’ is slim to none.

3. Do you write scripts?

Yes! Our script writer is Steven Kraus and he is exclusive to the VO Demo Wizard. His humor and wit reaches across the audio and tickles your funny bone. His strong sense of the dramatic will draw you into the story of Documentaries and serious scripts.

6. How long will it take my demo to be produced after it is recorded?

Well, that honestly depends on how many Demo’s we are producing at the time of your recording. We try hard to keep to a 6 week time frame, and barring unforeseen challenges, that will be the case. But rest assured we will keep you informed of the progress so you are not left waiting!

7. Do I have to record my own Demo and send it to be produced to the VO Demo Wizard?

You can if you are proficient at recording clean audio, but it isn’t required. We feel it is important for a demo to be professionally produced from the moment the record button is hit. The VO Demo Wizard can record your demo from your home studio as long as it is broadcast ready and produces a clean, clear sound. We use a Peer to Peer software that facilitates recording directly to our producers system. You will never have to pay for that software.

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