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We are more than just coaching —we want to see you succeed in every part of your career as a Voiceover talent!

We have partnered with Audio Engineers and other industry professionals to make sure you have the opportunity to achieve a well-rounded career.

The best part is that we are with you every step of the way. We don’t abandon you after your coaching is finished, we help you navigate through the sometimes overwhelming obstacles

– Demo Producing

– CopyWriting

– Demo Prep Coaching

– “Find Your Money Voice” 

– Webpage Hosting for Creatives

– Referrals for Genre Specific Coaching and Directing


Meet The Coaches

Angel Burch Lead Coach

As an Award-winning Voiceover talent whose career has spanned over 30 years, Angel Burch’s knowledge in the industry is invaluable. Her voice has been heard all over the world in Films, Commercials, Narrations, Documentaries, eLearning and more.

As a highly sought-after Voiceover Coach, her students have gone on to voice TV and Radio Commercials, e-Learning, Films and more. Helping her students achieve their potential, getting auditions, and booking clients is her specialty.

New and Aspiring Voiceover talent can learn VO from the ground up with One-on-One Coaching with Angel, then move on to more in-depth teaching on Business and Marketing with the X-Class!

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Terry Burch

Terry Burch
Strategic Marketing

Terry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. His excellence at finding niches within the confines of business marketing has made him highly sought-after in many industries.  

Working side-by-side with Angel for many years exposed him to the Voiceover world in a way few marketing experts get to see.  Thanks to this experience, he has insights that are invaluable to talent looking to make their mark and stand out in their business.

Terry teaches the last session in the VO X-Class. His coaching literally expands the talent’s thinking and the way they see themselves as a marketer, making them more effective than they ever thought possible.

One of Terry’s favorite sayings is, “You have to have L.U.C.K. in order to succeed.  Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Samuel Fleming VO

Sam Fleming
Audio I & II Beginners

Sam’s talent as a Voice Actor is undeniable. His voice is heard promoting major brands on various media nationwide, as well as in your own backyard. His audio skills have been honed through working with some of the industry’s top producers and talent, making him the perfect coach to help new voice talent not only learn audition techniques, but how to improve their sound as they navigate the ins and outs of Audio. Sam is our Font of All Knowledge for beginners when it comes to sound absorption, how to use a DAW, getting the cleanest recordings possible, eliminating room reflection, and so much more!

Tim Wigley
Audio III, Pro Tools
VO Demo Wizard

Tim Wigley Demo Producer

Tim Wigley comes to us from Houston, Texas where he teaches Audio Engineering at Houston Community College. His ability to translate the most complex processes into simple and easy-to-understand language is nothing short of amazing.

He is a ProTools expert, as well as having the skill set to build and execute a sound- proof environment in which to record. Tim brings that skill set to the VO X-Class by teaching talent mic technique, how to treat space for clean voiceover recordings, and how to utilize software beyond just hitting the ‘Record’ button. His expertise is invaluable to our students– just ask their clients!

IN ADDITION…Tim is The VO Demo Wizard!

Every voice talent is unique. Therefore, every demo that is produced also needs to be unique. Cookie-cutter demos aren’t going to get you noticed in today’s Voiceover market! You will need a demo that is both technically stellar and that will showcase your best attributes to potential clients, agents and casting directors. They want Excellence! You will get nothing less with The Demo Wizard. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ!

The Demo Wizard partners hand-in-hand with the amazing team at the VO X-Class if you need Coaching or Demo Prep. From voiceover techniques, to Business and Marketing, as well as demo prep, scriptwriting, demo mapping and coordination, your coaching needs can be met by professionals who have a combined experience of over 45 years in the voiceover and production industries.The VO X-Class is not a ‘Demo Mill’—they are professional Coaches and Voice Talent who know what it takes to get ahead in this business.


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